Scope 3 Emissions

Up to 80% of your emissions may be scope 3!

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Scope 3 Emissions

Up to 80% of your emissions may be scope 3!

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What are Scope 3 Emissions?

They are indirect emissions from your supply chain, such as from the activities of your suppliers and consumers.

Scope 3 Upstream:

Purchased Goods and Services

Purchased Goods & Services

capital goods

Capital Goods

fuel and energy related activities

Fuel & Energy Related Activities

upstream transportation and distribution

Upstream Transportation & Distribution

waste generated from operations

Waste Generated from Operations

business travel

Business Travel

employee commuting

Employee Commuting

upstream leased assets

Upstream Leased Assets

Scope 3 Downstream:

downstream transportation and distribution

Downstream Transportation & Distribution

processing of sold products

Processing of Sold Products

use of sold products

Use of Sold Products

end of life treatment of sold products

End-of-Life Treatment of Sold Products

downstream leased assets

Downstream Leased Assets





Video: Why You Should Report Scope 3

More data points means more accuracy, giving your organization a better picture of its environmental impact. But scope 3 has been the least reported category, until now.

Scope 3 is a huge opportunity for companies to show their leadership and VitalMetrics' Scope 3 Calculation Tool makes this new level of analysis possible, at a fraction of the time and cost.

You improve your CDP score, streamline your supply chain, better our planet, and gain recognition for it. That builds brand value and gives you an edge over competitors.


Showcase Your Innovation

Showcase Your Innovation

Scope 3 Emissions Reporting

What's Involved in Reporting?

First, you give us a list of your inputs, including products, services, equipment and logistics, via our Scope 3 Calculation Tool. We take it from there and compile the analysis, using conversion factors and setting boundaries to produce the most accurate assessment possible and a CDP-ready report. Read more here.


Upstream & Downstream Analysis

Upstream & Downstream Analysis

Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive

Why Should I Partner with VitalMetrics?

Our industry-leading Scope 3 Calculation Tool requires minimal data from you and maps it to the Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA®) to calculate scope 3 emissions. This means less work for you and a more accurate assessment, delivered faster. 


VitalMetrics Scope 3 Calculation Tool

Our proprietary tool makes reporting scope 3 emissions easy. See it in action!